Welcome to Moonbent Tarot!

Are you navigating a confusing time in your life? I can help with that.

My name is Miranda Crosser, and I’m the owner of Moonbent Tarot.

Every day, I engage with the tarot to help provide precious perspective on matters that are difficult to unravel on my own, enabling me to move forward with confidence. Fortunately, I’m also able perform the same service for you! I believe that every person should have access to this powerful tool, and it is my pleasure to use my skill and years of study to help you make wiser, more spiritually-fulfilling decisions.

I believe that the tarot is an intuitive tool, capable of revealing what paths our futures may take, but also that it can provide practical wisdom—the kind that comes from many generations of people who lived, loved, laughed, and suffered long before we ever existed. The tarot’s images were chosen deliberately because they represent and reflect something about the human condition, the products of many centuries of human art, perspectives, thoughts, feelings, interests, and events, all experienced by people who went through the same heartbreaks, triumphs, and uncertainties as we’re experiencing right now. If we’re willing, we can use this information—along with a little intuitive guidance—to live our lives with more foresight, more wisdom, and more joy.

I do believe in destiny, but I don’t believe it’s written in stone. Our choices have profound effects on our lives, and it is my opinion that our choices, above all else, make us who we are and determine what our futures will look like. My tarot readings can show you the potentialities of your future, but that future is already firmly in your hands: No matter what today looks like, you have power over tomorrow, and the tarot can help you realize that power by providing you with the wisdom of the ages (past, present, and future).

So seize your destiny: Purchase your reading today! I’m positive that my caring, thorough approach can help guide you through your brightest and darkest moments. It’s my mission to be a valuable resource for as many people as I can. If you would like more information, check out my FAQ page for commonly asked questions, or read some of the lovely reviews left by my prior clients. And please remember: No matter what you’re going through, someone has been through it before; and you are never alone.

Thank you for your interest in Moonbent Tarot. I look forward to reading for you!

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