Five More Ways to Read Reversals

reversalAh, reversals—the bane of many a new reader’s existence (and sometimes of old pros’, too).

There is much advice about how to read reversals, most of it centered on the idea that a reversed card merely reflects the energy of the card’s upright meaning except that it has been blockedweakened, or made more severe. Less popular but still pervasive is the belief that the reversed card carries the opposite meaning its upright counterpart does, and the final piece of advice I see most often about tarot reversals is to simply read them literally, focusing on the upside-down aspect of the image (changing the actions and orientations of the people and objects present and, thus, the meaning).

There’s nothing wrong with these interpretations. They’ve served tarot readers for as long as readers have been using reversals, and they’re the most popular perspectives for a reason: Intuitively, these are just how most people relate to a reversed card. That said, I think it goes without saying that many of us tarot readers are not “most people”! We rely heavily on our intuitions and a lot of us determine how we work with the cards based on what “clicks”. That’s why I believe it would be helpful to explore other, less-touted options for reading reversals in the hopes that one of them might “click” for you.

Apart from the ways listed above, which are explored in detail in many other sources, you could read reversals as: (more…)

Crow’s Flight Tarot Spread


This is a spread I created recently to help those—myself included!—who sometimes struggle with understanding their purpose or place in this world. It’s designed to help us recognize the role we’re currently playing in our own and in others’ lives so that we can use our understanding of that role to grow into new ones and expand our present awareness.

Interested in giving it a try? Here are the positions: (more…)