I appreciate clients who help me spread the word about my business, so if you tell your friends about Moonbent Tarot and one of them buys a reading, I’ll give you a tarot reading for FREE!


How it Works:

  1. Tell your friends about Moonbent Tarot! You can use the links above to engage them via social media
  2. When your friend buys a reading, they can name you as the person who referred them to Moonbent
  3. If you’re an existing client, I then use the information on file to contact you for your free reading!

If you’re not an existing client but you’d still like to take advantage of the referral program in order to get your first reading from Moonbent Tarot for free, just fill out this form so I have your information on file:

Note: I don’t spam! I’ll only contact you in the event that you qualify for a free reading.